On May 31, 2021, Qin Yuming, Secretary-General of the Cold Chain Logistics Committee of CFLP, and Liu Fei, Executive Deputy Secretary-General, came to Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd. KION Asia Pacific Strategic Marketing and Product Management Vice President Lian Zongqing, Linde (China) Cold Chain Industry Senior Manager Lai Rongzhong, Linde (China) E-commerce Manager Yao Weida and others had a cordial meeting. At the scene, Linde (China)’s own e-commerce platform “Linde Mall” and the cold storage IoT big data platform “Liankuwang” under the Cold Chain Committee reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties jointly promote the efficiency of logistics solutions in the cold chain industry through digital docking and operational coordination between the two platforms.

On April 15, the “2021 Global Logistics Technology Conference” hosted by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing concluded successfully in Haikou. As an excellent supplier in the field of material handling, Linde (China) was invited to attend the conference. At the scene, Linde won the “Recommendation Award for Logistics Technology and Equipment”, and Linde Handling Robot L-MATIC won the “Logistics Technology Innovation Award”. This is a full affirmation of Linde (China)’s technological innovation and development in the past 30 years.

The China International Import Expo is the world’s first large-scale national exhibition with the theme of imports. In the corporate display section, Linde (China) exhibited trend-leading intelligent equipment-Linde L-Matic, Linde C-Matic, new energy forklifts, and Linde Smartlink, which focuses on the digitalization of fleet operation management, etc., Share the experience of intelligent, digital, and new energy transformation, focusing on Linde’s sustainable development road.

On September 8, the 2020 Xiamen International Investment and Trade Fair was grandly opened in Xiamen. Linde (China) and China Telecom Xiamen Branch made a wonderful appearance. Empowering the future with 5G, Linde robotics C-Matic was displayed, presenting a smart, relaxing, and futuristic new experience to global customers, which was unanimously recognized by visitors.

According to the requirements of Linde (China) Robotics Division, Linde (China) completed the 1183 AGV China Robot Certification (CR) work successfully with the cooperation of R&D, Quality and Production departments, and the 1st CR certificate was received on Aug.24th, 2020.

KION Group signs a distribution agreement and a memorandum of understanding on plans for joint development with the Chinese manufacturer, with the aim of expanding the offering of mobile automation solutions
Intralogistics group is seeking a minority stake in the Chinese company
KION Group CEO Gordon Riske: “The collaboration with Quicktron is going to further strengthen our position in the market for automated trucks”

Frankfurt/Xiamen, August 3, 2020 – KION GROUP AG has entered a strategic partnership with Quicktron, a young Chinese manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) based in Shanghai.

Representatives from both companies recently met in Xiamen, China, to sign a distribution agreement as well as a memorandum of understanding on their joint development plans. Under the agreement, and effective immediately, Quicktron products are to be distributed via the global sales and service networks of the KION brands Linde Material Handling, STILL and Dematic. The arrangement expands KION Group’s global product offering of automated warehouse solutions. The leading intralogistics group also plans to acquire a minority stake of less than 10 percent in Quicktron. The partners have agreed not to disclose the size of the investment.

“We are delighted to be forming this strategic partnership with Quicktron. We can offer our customers an even more extensive product range in the automated truck segment,” said KION GROUP AG CEO, Gordon Riske, at the signing, adding, “The collaboration with Quicktron is expected to further strengthen our position in the automated truck market.”

“Quicktron is a leading autonomous mobile robot manufacturer in China and has been growing steadily,” notes Ching Pong Quek, KION GROUP AG Executive Board member and Chief Asia Pacific & Americas Officer. “It perfectly complements our skills and experience in the KION Mobile Automation business. The collaboration unlocks additional opportunities to participate in this global growth market and provides our customers with a unique product offering.”

“This is a historic day for Quicktron,” said Yang Wei, Quicktron CEO. “I look forward to our collaboration with the KION Group. It will enable us to harness our combined strengths to exploit market opportunities in China and around the world even more effectively.”

Quicktron was established in Shanghai in 2014 and currently employs around 400 individuals worldwide. It offers smart intralogistics solutions using technology based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The market for automated supply chain solutions is growing rapidly, both in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. The growth of e-commerce is a significant driver of demand for supply chain solutions, including warehouse automation and solutions for sorting and for automated goods transport. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) will thus become increasingly common. KION Group’s Mobile Automation business brings together all activities relating to the future trend of mobile automation and self-driving vehicles. Automation is one of the fields of action in the KION 2027 strategy, which also includes energy, digitalization, innovation and performance. The strategy is designed to guide the company on a path towards profitable growth and the expansion of its position as an industry leader.

The Novel coronavirus pneumonia has make a huge shadow on the world and brought many incredible challenges. On May 20, MM Magazine successfully held an online conference in the field of pharmaceutical logistics. In the 30-minute live broadcast, Mr. Gao Zhongyin, the system solution manager of Linde (China), shared the thoughts on the new upgrade of material handling technology in the Pharmaceutical industry. This is the first time Linde uses live broadcast to share with customers. The scene is very hot, and the maximum number of people online is nearly 4,000!

In recent years, Linde (China) has been deepening the logistics layout in the pharmaceutical field, improving the intelligent level of pharmaceutical logistics facilities through technical means, continuously improving the logistics efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain, and contributing to reducing the logistics costs of the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are interested in Linde Pharmaceutical Solutions, you can click the link to enter the live room for playback.



On May 15th, China Telecom and Linde Forklift reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will give full play to their respective advantages, further promote the innovation and development of industrial Internet, and rely on 5G, MEC, cloud and other technologies to help the transformation and upgrade of forklift intelligent manufacturing.

In the meeting, Linde discussed the digital application and development strategy. Zhang Ben, senior director of information technology of KION Asia Pacific, said that we provide intelligent storage solution with 5G smart forklifts as the core, focusing on customer needs, reducing various costs and energy consumption, improving equipment efficiency, and reducing the incidence of accidents. For example, Linde Fleet Management System Smartlink is a typical application in the Industrial Internet. It has powerful remote collaboration capabilities and huge first-mover advantages. In the future, with the application of more AI technologies, it can help companies achieve efficient and transparent Logistics operation management, enabling more enterprises to achieve development.

On May 21, Linde E-Commerce Mini Program was officially launched! In the Linde E-Commerce Mini Program, customers can continue to understand Linde’s rich online products, participate in group purchases, pre-sales, special buying, online financial leasing and other promotional activities, and enjoy the Linde’s quality without leaving the house.

Linde E-commerce Mini Program is an online shopping platform directly operated by Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd. As a one-stop logistics solution provider, Linde (China), relying on technology and quality advantages, combined with nationwide sales and service resources, provides logistics handling equipment and efficient material handling solutions for thousands of Chinese companies.

In May, the group purchase activity of Linde E-commerce Mini Program was hot! 3 people can get a special buying for a limited time! Activities include 1.5-ton Li-ion battery pallet forklift, 1.8-ton/2-ton/2.5-ton/3-ton manual pallet trucks, etc., which caused great concern from customers.

As a supplier of high-quality truck equipment, Linde not only promotes the progress of the truck market through advanced technology, but also takes a comprehensive service experience as the pursuit of service.


On April 28, 2020, Linde Service APP was officially launched! Relying on strong data support, it realizes online operations such as repair, consultation, truck inspection, complaint suggestions and inquiries. It opens up a brand new online service model for users and further reduces the distance between Linde and customers.

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