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Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

Whether for the preparation of food and beverage or the handling of the finished food and beverage, Linde twin pedal system and joystick system can guarantee high efficiency. A customized fortified and wider fork carriage with side shift function, matching the wider load backrest and load stabilizer create greater logistics than expected for large-capacity beverage. The consistent technical characteristics of Linde always gives out its unique charm in details which shows the design concept of humanization, efficiency and safety.


Solutions for Cold Chain Industry

Cold chain is the secret of keeping food fresh; the efficient operation of cold chain logistics cannot be separated from the important role of forklift truck. In 1960, the first cold storage protection forklift truck was produced at Linde Lansing factory in England. The technical strength of Linde is demonstrated in forklift truck frequent in-out of cold stores. After more than 50 years of development, more Linde forklift trucks are available, cold store protection become more advanced and scientific. Linde expert solutions can easily cope with work condition at -60 degrees ultra-low temperature cold stores.


Solutions for Paper Industry

Material handling in paper industry is famous for its large volume, heavy duty and much dust, and the harsh working conditions are the touchstone of performance of forklift trucks. How to achieve the balance of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, consumption reduction, health and cost reduction is what all paper enterprises have been exploring. The hydrostatic system, joystick, fire extinguisher equipment, dust-proof solution and special paper transport solutions originated by Linde have been widely applied in paper industry, laying the foundation for the steady development of customer logistics and bringing real benefits to our customers.


Solutions for Special Application

Solutions for Foundry

The foundry process is widely distributed in the manufacturing industry. In the foundry process, the high temperature liquid metal transport often needs to be completed by a forklift truck. It is the first responsibility of every company to protect the personnel and equipment under the foundry condition. Therefore, only professional solution can ensure safe and efficient production. Linde has a long history of research on foundry conditions, and has provided professional forklift protection solutions for global customers of manufacturing industry. According to radiation temperature and environment dust.


Solutions for Box Clamping and Handling

It is of public attention how to achieve high efficiency and also ensure goods safety when handling “BOX” goods. Based on pallet truck, Linde provide efficient handling solutions which meet work conditions and always gives our customers pleasant surprises. Linde conducts comprehensive analysis of working conditions and customer requirements, to design in order to solve problems of our customers. The clamping, handling and control actions of the solution will deliver efficiency and safety, fully meeting customers’ expectations and requirements for customized special handling solution.


Solutions for Cylindrical Goods

Coiled (cylindrical) goods are often found in packaging, plastics, tires, cables and other industries. How to handle cylindrical goods efficiently and safely while ensuring the integrity of goods is a key factor to evaluate a handling solution. Based on specifications of goods, Linde customized forks can match the cambered surface of goods very well, to avoid damage to goods caused by edges of the ordinary fork. In addition, Linde can provide a different option of pedestrian or folder platform to match different cost budget for different handling distance and efficiency requirements. Linde provides professional solutions for customers to achieve higher productivity with the same cost.