Tailored Your Demands

Retrofit & Accessories

With 22 standard series and over 200 optional configurations, Linde (China) has the right solution for every logistics task.
However, the requirements for forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment may change over time, for instance due to new safety regulations, modified logistics processes, or the comfort requirements by drivers who operate the trucks every day. In most cases, a simple retrofit will help. Linde offers necessary retrofit solutions and accessories for safety, efficiency, and comfort, for example, Linde Blue Spot™, Linde intelligent fire extinguisher, Linde fleet management system, Linde wireless camera and automatic water adding system as well as truck ceiling and cab fans.


Linde BlueSpot™

Excellent warning effect: prominent blue or red mark.
Avoid blind spots: suitable for positions of poor view, such as corridors and corners.
Applicable to noisy environment.
Long service life: Low energy consumption and long service life up to 20,000 hours.

Linde Safety Border Floodlights

● Excellent warning effect: prominent blue or red wide laser beam.
Keep at a safe distance.
● Avoid blind spots: applicable to blind spots such as passageways, entrances and exits.
Applicable to noisy environment.
● Flexible installation: installed at two sides, three side or four sides of the truck.

LED Flashing Blue Light

Excellent warning effect.
● Long service life: with over-current protection, service life up to 30,000 hours.

Linde OrangeBelt™

Convenient to check
● More secure: truck cannot be started without the belt being wore.
● Two modes for option: two-point mode and three-point mode.


Linde Wireless Camera

● Strong and clear: the stainless integrated wireless camera is installed at the side of the fork, making it durable and featured with hig clarity.
● Signal stability: with wireless frequency-hopping spread spectrum, up to 40 equipment is allowed to run simultaneously within 100 m² without crossing.
● Laser positioning: help driver operate more accurately and efficient.
● Long working hours: continuously work for 10-14 hours thanks to the lithium battery of 11000mAh.
● High extensibility: common wireless camera is optional and can be installed inside the door frame.

Linde Weighing Forks

● Easy installation: quick installation within 5 minutes.
● Wireless transmission: stable signal by wireless Bluetooth transmission.
● High precision: 0.1%, 0.2% and 2% are available.
● Clear reading: equipped with backlit LCD.
Automatic stop function: built-in automatic stop function.
● Compatible with printer: allow for weighing printing when added with a printer.

Linde Automatic Water Adding System

● Easy and fast: automatically add water one after another when connected with a quick coupler, easy and fast.
● Well-distributed: water is added in each unit to the best water level, avoiding water shortage or overflow and extending service life of the battery.
● Safety and worry-free: operators will not be exposed to the caustic electrolyte.
● Save labor cost: small investment all at once, saving long-term labor cost.

Linde Air Agitation System

● Shorten charging time: shorten charging time by 2 hours at maximum, enhancing the utilization of battery.
● Reduce energy consumption: reduce about 15% of energy consumption, saving electricity expense.
● Reduce water consumption: reduce about 70% of water consumption, saving the cost of supplementary distilled water.
● Reduce charging temperature: reduce about 10℃ of charging temperature, extending the service life of battery.
● Intelligent adjustment: automatically adjust charging coefficient, reducing electrode load and increasing charging times.
● Save maintenance cost: reduce the overall maintenance cost.


Add "lock" for Your Forklift

Swipe your card to boot: effectively manage access to your trucks.
● Reasonable authorization: improve standard management and safety of your trucks.
● Easy binding: realize authorization and binding of driver card by super management card.
● High compatibility: IC and ID for option.

Linde High Frequency Charger

● Fast charging: fully charged in 6-7 hours
● Energy saving: low-carbon and environmental-friendly, with about 15% -25% of energy consumption reduced.
● Timing charging technology: trough charging saves electricity charge.
● Applicable to batteries for cold storage: automatically optimize charging curves and keep battery active by activating plate of the inactive battery due to salinization of lead acid.
● High reliability: as each power module works independently, if one of the modules malfuntions, the others remain functional in charging.
● Intelligence: detect battery status automatically and optimize charging process; records can be downloaded.
● Anti-disturbance: keep stable charging without the influence of external voltage, extending service life of the battery.
● Multi-function: equalizing charging, with optional auto-watering and air agitation systems.
● Save space: small size, can be installed either in hanging or standing position.

Linde Intelligent Automatic Fire Extinguisher

● Reasonable layout: fixed installation in high-temperature fire-hazardous places such as engine compartment or battery compartment.
● Intelligent and efficient: automatically detect fire and start extinguisher of total flooding extinguishing.
Constant suppress fire without re-ignition.

Linde Speed Assist - Driver Assistance System

● Intelligent: Automatically adjust the maximum indoor/outdoor speed of the forklift.
● Flexible: Radar detector is adjustable for response time, detection area and sensitivity.
● Stable: Operate accurately regardless of weather conditions, applicable for cold storage.