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Linde Used Truck

The requirements for industrial trucks are seasonal, especially at start-up stage, growth phase or varying operating times for industrial trucks of enterprises that are looking for opportunities to meet their specific requirements both reliably and economically. All used trucks we provide would not only stick to high-quality and unique technical characteristics of Linde, but also at a reasonable price. Linde Used Truck in the three reconditioned standards of Linde PLUS, SUPER and ULTRA for different requirements of customrs. For this purpose, Linde has set up specialized reconditioning centers at headquarters and all regions. The used trucks from Linde undergo a standardized reconditioning process to ensure that forklifts meet the necessary quality standards and customer requirements in actual application. Linde Used Truck is your best choice.

Reconditioning Standards

Linde Used Truck in the three reconditioning standards of Linde PLUS, SUPER and ULTRA. The main differences among them are reconditioning level and warranty period. This means that you can choose the right truck according to your individual operating conditions and requirements. Linde PLUS forklifts are ideal for applications with a lower workload. The Linde SUPER category is generally suitable for medium workloads. Linde ULTRA is the right category for demanding applications with a higher workload. However, the optimum reconditioning standard for your requirements depends on a number of factors. That’s why your Linde sales personnel will provide extensive advice at any time to help you make the right choice. The following provides you with basic information of reconditioning standards:

The Linde PLUS standard includes the following reconditioning standards and equipment features:
● Comprehensive maintenance and functional check in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
● Mast, fork carriage and hydraulic system tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
● Emissions test
● Charger tested for electric trucks
● Battery check of electric trucks
● Safety check of steering axle
● Tire check
● Motor check
● Full functionality check based on local standards
● Good appearance color, with Linde labels
● Drive system check
● Usable driver’s seat and safety belt
● Operating hours counter check
● Operating instructions
● Certificate of conformity

The Linde SUPER standard includes the Linde PLUS features mentioned above as well as the following points:
● Emissions test and compression pressure measurement for IC trucks
● Battery capacity of more than 70 percent for electric trucks
● Steering axle checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
● Usable tires with more than 60 percent tread depth
● Hydrostatic unit or combi-axle checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards
● Re-painting in original Linde colors of the whole truck and adding Linde labels
● Refurbished driver’s seat and safety belt
● Wear limit of prongs and lift chains of no more than 40 percent
● Complete certificate

Linde Used Truck in the Linde ULTRA category include the abovementioned features of Linde SUPER together with the following additional features:
● Refurbished combustion engine
● Refurbished electric motor
● Refurbished or new charger
● Battery with a period of use for less than three years or with at least 80 percent capacity or a new one
● Completely refurbished steering axle
● New set of tires or tires with at least 90 percent tread depth
● Flawless visual condition with full re-painting
● New driver’s seat and safety belt
● New prongs and lift chains or maximum 10 percent wear
● Bearings in the mast checked and replaced if necessary
● Control elements new or nearly new


At Linde, used equipment is refurbished on the basis of a standardized process. Specially trained Linde technicians diligently work through the reconditioning process in specialized regional reconditioning centers. If a part needs to be replaced, the technician only installs durable Linde original spare parts. Only after a forklift has successfully passed through the entire process, will it receive the “Used Truck”. The reconditioning process consists of the following steps:

1. Selecting Source of Trucks

As a rule, Linde Used Truck are selected from Linde’s short term and long term rental fleets, which have been regularly serviced by Linde technicians during their previous period of use and undergo a strictly inspection upon return. This ensures every approved truck is in good quality.

2. High-pressure Cleaning

Every forklift undergoes high-pressure cleaning before inspection in order to remove any remaining dirt as well as oil and grease. The truck is then ready for further inspection.


3. Comprehensive Inspection

Certified professional technicians will examine every component. A comprehensive visual inspection as well as a measurement and function check allow them to identify possible weaknesses on the forklift or on individual components which will require further inspection.

4. Engine and Emissions Test

For the IC truck, Linde uses the latest diagnostics equipment to put the drive unit through its paces. In this way, the full engine power, operational reliability and compliance with the applicable emissions standards can be guaranteed, especially for diesel forklifts.


5. Battery and Charger Check

The charger and batteries of electric forklifts are carefully checked to ensure that they deliver normal performance. If this is not the case, technicians will replace battery cells or the whole battery.



6. Refurbishment and Repair

Linde technician communicates with the Used Equipment department to determine refurbishment schemes and levels. All mechanical and electrical components, and all safety parts in particular, are carefully checked and replaced with Linde original spare parts if necessary.


7. Repainting

A first-class outer appearance is the finishing touch in the reconditioning process. That’s why forklifts receive a completely new paint job and new original Linde labels where this is required. Minor signs of wear and tear are professionally repaired and re-painted in the original color.


8. Final Inspection

The last step is a comprehensive final inspection and acceptance. Linde provides the acceptance certificate and a quality authentication certificate to every reconditioned truck that has successfully passed through the inspection and reconditioning process and such trucks will receive the “Approved by Linde” upon completion of refurbishment.


Linde (China) extends the value of used truck through a professional mode of operation and reconditioning system which not only meets the customer requirement but also enhances range of service. Linde Used Truck are not just an alternative, but rather the first choice for certain companies. Approved Used Truck offer the following benefits:

High Quality:
● Careful, standardized reconditioning process for the approved forklifts, including parts replacement exclusively with new original Linde spare parts.
● The entire Linde product range is of ‘Approved Truck’ quality: from hand pallet trucks to high-performance forklifts.
● All certification is in accordance with the latest laws & regulations and EU guidelines.
● Warranty: 1 months/180 hours or 3months/540 hours

Wide Range of Choice:
● For customers’ cost-effectiveness and operating conditions, provide three reconditioning grades to meet requirements of every customer.
● Complete products and sufficient truck source, thus wide range of choice for you and fast delivery.
● Dense service network and therefore easy access to our products and services for you.
● Multiple business modes: trade-in/trade-in for reconditioned trucks/extra discount for repeated purchase/discount for repair

Excellent Service:
● Have the densest service network to provide quick and comprehensive service.
● Various finance and service packages, such as second-hand truck finance lease.
● Provide customer training.