One-stop Solution

Solutions for Maximum Added Value


Every company has its own individual needs and basic requirements. Whether financial resources, business processes, general technology and safety standards, infrastructure or IT systems all require diversification from products and solutions.
Excellent product design and solutions that meet one hundred percent of a company’s own individual requirements are Linde Material Handling’s strength, whether customer-specific truck solutions, fleet management and automation, leased- and used-vehicle business, financing and service packages, logistics information and planning, fleet optimization or safety.

Lean Logistics

Lean logistics can create corporate profit for logistics enterprises to achieve further development; moreover, it is the profit source of production enterprises and a strategic opportunity to obtain competitive advantages in the market.


Customized Solutions

It is of public attention how to achieve high efficiency and also ensure goods safety when handling “BOX” goods. Based on pallet handling forklift truck, Linde provide efficient handling solutions which meet work conditions and always gives our customers pleasant surprises. Linde conducts comprehensive analysis of working conditions and customer requirements, to design in order to solve problems of our customers. The clamping, handling and control actions of the solution will deliver efficiency and safety, fully meeting customers’ expectations and requirements for customized special handling solution.


Linde Robotics

While logistics tasks will always be directed by people, this new generation of robotic trucks can perform repetitive, low added value material handling tasks reliably and independently. Called “Robotics” – the collaboration between people and robots allows both to work and interact together safely.


Linde Rental & Leasing

Linde helps you rationalize funding operation, lower capital cost and keep up to date with the latest technology by providing you with professional and personalized rental solutions. No matter one truck or a fleet you need, Linde can offer you with extremely flexible rental solutions.


Linde Approved Trucks

The requirements for industrial trucks are seasonal, especially at start-up stage, growth phase or varying operating times for industrial trucks of enterprises that are looking for opportunities to meet their specific requirements both reliably and economically. All used-trucks we provide would not only stick to high-quality and unique technical characteristics of Linde, but also at a reasonable price. Linde provides approved used forklifts in the three reconditioned standards of Linde PLUS, SUPER and ULTRA for different requirements of customrs.


Linde Fleet Management

Linde Connect fleet management system, based on excellent software platform and hardware data acquisition, helps you realize the lean connection between manager and fleet. The fleet management system, based on logistics big data, explores operating data of fleet to provide detailed basis and correct guidance for greater logistics efficiency, guaranteed safety and cost reduction. Fleet data includes a lot of state data and operating efficiency data. By re-connection, you can obtain such data at your premise, to control the real-time logistics operation at any time.