One Stop Solution

Lean Logistics and Projects

One Stop Solution

Lean logistics deeply impacts the business development to manufactures and the 3rd logistics parties. It represents the effectiveness and efficiency which give the customer core advantage and competitiveness in the market.

Lean logistics, one stop solution from Linde helps customer with unique customize solutions to improve their logistics. All these thanks to abundant experience in professional logistics consultancy and of project management, as well as advanced material handling technology and high quality material handling equipment.

Building on innovation, efficiency, effectiveness, Linde offers the customer a one stop solution via resource integration, system planning, and the lean consultancy. Linde not only presents the customer with innovative solutions. It also offers the best solution resulting from strong customer orientation.


As part of lean logistics services to the customer, Linde has developed a lean tool called STRATOS. STRATOS is a logistics planning and simulation software which assists the customer in identifying the most cost effective storage layout. It works in conjunction LOGIS software which identifies the number and types of trucks required for a specific application.

Based on a joint analysis of customer’s material and information flow, Linde can provide material flow diagrams, fleet evaluation, efficiency calculations, cost analysis and material flow simulation using the unique Linde logistics analyzing system.

Lean Logistics - One Stop Solution from Linde

Customer Benefit

One stop solution from Linde can cope with the different storage requirements of the enterprise, and give out tailored solution based on workflow processes and lean logistics concept. Thanks to Linde professional logistics consultant and abundant experience of project management, as well as advanced material handling management technology and high quality material handling equipment, you have competent partner from the development of lean logistics to the execution of projects through to the turnkey delivery of logistics systems.

Comprehensive, tailored and highly flexible solution
● Make use of valuable potential for optimisation.
● Increased space utilization.
● Individual components seamlessly integrated.
● Reduced management costs.
● Manage with more intelligence, work with more efficiency.