The 5th "Linde Cup" Global Forklift Skills Competition - China Station Opening Ceremony Xiamen Station Competition Opened

2024-03-13 16:44:34

The 5th “Linde Cup” Global Forklift Professional Skills Competition – China station opening ceremony Xiamen Station competition in Linde Xiamen factory was opened on March 9th. “Linde Cup” was founded in 2007, known as the forklift industry’s “Olympic Games”, with many players, wide range, large scale, high difficulty, and it’s extremely challenging and entertaining. The first competition set a Guinness World Record in Shanghai. The Linde Cup, held every four years, has entered 200 cities across the country since its inception and attracted more than 8,000 players from 4,000 companies.

This year we combined the Olympic elements, designed the “Forklift Gymnastics”, “Dunk Master”, “Olympic Five Ring Relay Race” and other projects. The players showed superb skills, and it is tense and interesting.