Linde opens a new era of 5G logistics

2020-05-28 11:07:47

On May 15th, China Telecom and Linde Forklift reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will give full play to their respective advantages, further promote the innovation and development of industrial Internet, and rely on 5G, MEC, cloud and other technologies to help the transformation and upgrade of forklift intelligent manufacturing.

In the meeting, Linde discussed the digital application and development strategy. Zhang Ben, senior director of information technology of KION Asia Pacific, said that we provide intelligent storage solution with 5G smart forklifts as the core, focusing on customer needs, reducing various costs and energy consumption, improving equipment efficiency, and reducing the incidence of accidents. For example, Linde Fleet Management System Smartlink is a typical application in the Industrial Internet. It has powerful remote collaboration capabilities and huge first-mover advantages. In the future, with the application of more AI technologies, it can help companies achieve efficient and transparent Logistics operation management, enabling more enterprises to achieve development.