Linde Won The Gold Medal of China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award

2018-10-11 10:27:15

On September 5th, the second “China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award”( CITIA) Review Meeting, was successfully held in Beijing. After evaluation by industrial experts, Linde Robotics K-Matic, which refreshed industry field of vision for its concept of more than automation and technology of leading intelligence, won the Gold Medal of China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award (CITIA) .And Linde LAB, won the bronze medal as well.

In the new stage of development, Linde Material Handling shows its business transformation from forklift product manufacturer to comprehensive solution supplier. The advanced AGV robots with the effective logistics solution has made Linde an expert.

Linde Robotics K-Matic – Making work freely!

Intelligence are not only the automation of equipment, It pays more attention to how to be intelligent in process, operation and management.



Unlike the automatic company, Linde’s purpose is to achieve efficient operation of transcendence, according to customer’s needs, Maximizing enhance the efficiency of logistics is the core of Linde solutions. Linde Robotics is born with this concept, it has safety level sensor laser with PL-D level , the front speed is up to 2m/s, the rear speed is up to 0.8m/s, the working efficiency has 40% more productivity compare with domestic product. Dual mode and efficiency in servicing and spare parts with comprehensive network ensure the high stability of the equipment.

Linde LAB – Forklift automation has become so simple!

When automation company gets the AGV orders, it is terrible busy. It is very limited time to automate the base forklift truck which is originally designed for manual driving. Jump into truck movement control details, duplicate effort for different types of truck, what is more, different patch delivery may requires some adaptions. Actually, there is smart way to handle this. Linde LAB solution makes it simple to control forklift truck from automation kit. It establishes the communication between automation kit and base forklift truck. It receives the command from automation kit and send the control signal to base forklift truck. Meanwhile, it collects forklift truck status & information and send s feedback to automation kit for high level application decision.



Simple and safe is the highest mission of LAB. It also works as firewall of forklift truck to fully guarantee the driving safety.



CITIA is aimed at upgrading China industrial trucks’ technology and service and became the most influential award in industry. The award ceremony will be held at 2018 CeMAT Asia, and we all looking forward to Linde’s wonderful products and effective logistics solutions.