The Grand Opening of 4th Linde Cup Global Forklift Skill Competition – China Station in Beijing

2018-05-23 15:15:51

May 10th in Beijing, the 4th Linde Cup Global Forklift Skill Competition opening ceremony was successfully held in JD Logistics Warehouse, together with the opening match. This competition is organized and supported by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) and China Industrial Truck Association (CITA). The leaders of two associations, Mr. Ma Zengrong and Ms. Zhang Jie, JD Logistics principal Mr. Guo Xinwei and Ms. Du Rongfei, Linde (China) vice president Mr. Xie Dean and many well-known media attended the event.

In the welcome speech, Mr. Xie Dean claimed that Linde insists to provide a self-challenge platform which not only help promote forklift operation skills, but enhance the whole industry logistics efficiency as well. Meanwhile, the two industry weathervane from CFLP and CITA also delivered a speech generally present Chinese logistics and forklift market development and spoke highly of the innovative contribution Linde made.

The kick-off ceremony was held in JD Warehouse marked a strengthening of cooperation between Linde and JD – one of the biggest e-commerce platform in China. “Linde really shows its professional solutions for customers.” JD logistics leader Mr. Guo Xinwei said in the speech, ”I believe that with deeper cooperation, we can develop a higher level in e-commerce industry.”

After the speeches, the event logo appeared gradually on the kick-off table when all guests poured the golden sand into the table. All the audience witness the very moment which marked the 4th Linde Cup officially launch. 19 teams of JD are in the field using Linde reach truck, a good helper for e-commerce working condition.

The perfect pitch of logistics and athletics, strength and beauty, has made a more innovative contest section and more intense competition. Linde wish to make more contribution for industry on enhancing the efficiency and reducing logistics cost. We believe that Chinese logistics equipment will continue to the forefront of the world.