Linde Material Handling Won The Gold Medal of China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award

2018-01-12 08:55:23

On Nov.1st, 2016 CeMAT Asia had its grand opening in Shanghai. Meanwhile the selection of China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award was going on the same time. After evaluation by industrial experts, user representatives and live audience, the award ceremony was successfully held on Nov.2nd presided by secretary of CITA, Ms. Zhang Jie.

Linde Robotics, which refreshed industry field of vision for its concept of more than automation and technology of leading intelligence, won the Gold Medal of China Industrial Trucks

Innovation Award (CITIA) together with Linde 1276 series trucks.

In the new stage of development, Linde Material Handling shows its business transformation from forklift product manufacturer to comprehensive solution supplier. The effective logistics solution has made Linde an expert.

Linde Robotics’ gate pass to the crown

In this seemingly advanced era, it is not that hard to achieve automation. However, automation is different from intelligence, unmanned is different from high efficiency. After research and experiment constantly, Linde Robotics solved range of issues during the logistics process and set a new record on safety and working performance. Linde Robotics shows that navigation system,driven by Balyo navigation system, detects its location in real time and its intelligent dynamic path detection fields. Intelligent System transfer can interface with customer’s instruction seamlessly. Flexibility of intelligent pallet scanning, and the 3D security protection technology provides the shield protection.

Unlike the automatic company, Lindes purpose is to achieve efficient operation of transcendence, according to customer’s needs, Maximizing enhance the efficiency of logistics is the core of Linde solutions. Linde Robotics is born with this concept, it has safety level sensor laser with PL-D level , the front speed is up to 2m/s, the rear speed is up to 0.8m/s, the working efficiency has 40% more productivity compare with domestic product. Dual mode and efficiency in servicing and spare parts with comprehensive network ensure the high stability of the equipment.

Linde 1276 series the intimate helper

Linde 1276 series, carrying capacity within 2.5 and 3.5 ton, has a breakthrough at both working performance and security assurance aspects. The diversified battery changing solutions enhance the working speed. Comfortable and sensitive electrical steering system and mast assist control provide a better operating environment. Besides, trucks are able to equip Connected Solution, which links the driver, manager, forklift, incident and network. The system contains multi-warehouse management, personnel authorization management, truck management, maintenance, performance analysis, safety management and management report output, etc. Considering of different focus of driver, foundation manager in logistics and leadership, Connected Solution assists our customers’ lean logistics management.

In the aspect of safety, Linde 1276 series equip speed control assist which realizes automatic speed limit outdoor, and automatic deceleration when taking a turn. In addition, Linde automatic fire extinguishing system is another self-protective mechanism. Matches with blue spot warning system, adaptive light system and orange belt security option, your safety is totally under the control.

CITIA is aimed at upgrading China industrial trucks’ technology and service and became the most influential award in industry. Linde insists customer-oriented concept, made a breakthrough of traditional automation and focus on logistics intelligence solutions, which made Linde the focus spot in this 2016 CeMAT Asia.